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Sizes are in inches [millimeters]; width followed by height.
  Late Summer Lighthouse Cottage Majesty Lakes
  Moonlight Morning Cottage Oceans Edge
  Paddock Bridge Pathway Peaceful Evening
  Reflections Riveira River Cottage
  Dusk Evening's Murmur Fall's Cottage
  Rockpool Streams of Light Summer Cabin
  Summer Cottage Summer Harbour Sunset Stream
  The Watch Tranquility Valley Home
  Valley Home 2 Village by the Sea Village Store
  Water Lily Cottage Woodland Stream  
Giclée prints are printed on Epson Fine Art paper. 100% cotton rag, buffered and acid free giving exceptional colour. The textured surface offers a unique museum quality feel with archival quality.
The UltraChrome K3 Ink used lasts in display conditions without fading from 75-100 years.

Andrew Warden Serigraph Prints are printed on heavyweight woven paper; the process enables texture, duplicating the artists brush strokes, to be applied, making the print match the look and feel of the original. Each print is signed in pencil by the artist, Andrew Warden.

All Prints are Titled and marked as either A/P’s or numbered as part of the Limited Edition in pencil and personally signed in pencil by the artist.
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