Blue Window / 795 x 560 / Original on canvas / £1225
Red Dress / 710 x 528 / Original on canvas / £1225
Grapes and Flowers / 555 x 525 / Original on Paper / £600
Reconcile / 495 x 550 / Original on canvas / £1800
Summer Dream / 830 x 568 / Original on canvas / £2520

Paintings and Prints by A M Francis

Painted on canvas, with the exception of Grapes and Flowers (which is on heavyweight art paper), the original paintings are created using a mix of media and multiple techniques.

The colours are subtle, rich and elegant, often with gold type acrylics used.
As well as being applied traditionally, paint on some images may be squeezed from special thin nozzle tubes, scratched through to other layers or back to raw canvas; layers of acrylic put on in heavy impasto, or scrapped on, thinly applied as washes and some work may even be hand printed, stenciled or drawn in oil pastels.

Please contact Sales and Enquiries for detailed world-wide delivery costs, letting us know which painting or print you are interested in.
Note that all original paintings are dispatched without wooden stretchers and are unframed. Canvas or paper backed Originals and Limited Edition Prints, are sent carefully rolled and packed in cardboard tubes and have insurance cover.

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