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Limited Edition Prints are all reproduced from original paintings by Andrew Warden.
Sizes are in inches [millimeters]; width followed by height.
Village by the sea
Village by the Sea
18.3[466]x11.7[298] £250
Boat House
Boat House
14.5[370]x11.2[286] £200
    Bridge Cottage Village Stores See Bigger ImagePlease click on any detail to en-
    Bridge Cottage
14.9[380]x11[281] £120
Forest Stream
19.4[493]x11.7[298] £200
Haven Cottage
16.4[410]x13.8[340] £250
The Village Store
17.3[440]x11.9[304] £200
Lighthouse Cottage
14.9[380]x11.1[282] £200
    Dusk Evenings Murmur  
    Forest Pool
13.7[348]x12.5[320] £225
11.9[380]x11.1[282] £120
Golden Stream
17.6[448]x11.8[302] £150
Evenings Murmur
14.8[378]x11.1[282] £150
River Cottage
16.2[412]x12.5[320] £120